Hi Baby: 30 Weeks

Hi Baby,
I have been in the mood lately to write and write and write and write. Which means this blog is getting extra attention and you get another letter!

The interweb tells me you're about 3 pounds now and the size of a cabbage. I can feel your fat butt pushing out every once in a while. Daddy says don't call it a fat butt...I say it's a term of endearment. When that fat butt lands on my bladder it's less endearing ;)

I can definitely tell you are getting bigger. I feel you moving throughout the day and whenever you shift positions I can see my belly contour and move with you. It's crazy and I love it! It blows my mind that you are inside, growing and developing and being a little human. Technically you could handle being out in this world, but I'm glad you're hanging out inside for a while longer.

I think right now I am looking more pregnant than I feel. My bump is getting bigger and bigger but for the most part I am feeling really good. I'm not totally uncomfortable just yet (unless I'm wearing jeans...) and I feel like my belly has looked the same the last 10 weeks. I know it's growing but I don't notice it that much.

I'm getting the nesting bug and really want to get your nursery all put together. I finally picked a color scheme and bought a few things to hang on the walls...but daddy has been extremely busy the last few weeks so I haven't wanted to bug him about hanging things up. I must say it's pretty awesome being married to a "handy" guy. He can do anything I need him to and his perfectionist personality means it gets done right the first time. I can't wait to see you following him around and "helping" one day!

Speaking of daddy being busy...you will be joining our family at the busiest time of year: Football Season! Daddy is busy Monday-Saturday and I usually don't see much of him. The last few years it has been fine ( I like my alone time) but it will be interesting to see how I adjust when you get here. I am going to do my very best to support Coach Bowen with a newborn at home...Your daddy LOVES football and I love seeing him enjoy himself out on the field. There is no place I would rather have him be. I guess that means you and I will just take plenty of trips to visit. (and you better believe you'll be wearing green and gold onsies to represent)

stay strong and keep growing little one

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