Book Review: and the Mountains Echoed, The Kite Runner

And the Mountains Echoed- Khaled Hosseini
Since there was no new Jodi Picoult book out in time for my birthday, my mother in law took a chance and bought me this book instead. Her chance paid off! I was introduced to a new author who I have come to appreciate and really enjoy. The first few chapters of this book were harder to get into because the writing style is different than what I am use to, and honestly I didn't understand where the plot was going. Once my little brain caught on I loved it! It's a mix of stories and lives that mingle with one another at different parts of the character's lives and show how everyone was all connected. This took me a little longer than usual because I couldn't speed read like I can with other books. I really had to concentrate and remember names and stories and how they connected to the next person in the next chapter. By the end I felt smarter (which is awesome) and I ordered his other book "Kite Runner" that I am reading right now. This isn't an easy read, but it's totally worth it.

This book wasn't as hard to follow has "and the mountains echoed" but it was just as good. The first 75 pages could have made for a story all its own. There were shocking moments you didn't see coming, and that made you squirm in your seat. He is powerful and doesn't hold back. A few of the twists I kind of called early on in the book, but there were definitely plenty of surprises. It's a look inside a culture and country I don't know anything about and yet you hear all the time in the news (Afghanistan and the Middle East). It's not super political, but there is a taste of it. I couldn't put this story down! It's an intense story and brutally honest. I loved reading it!

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