25 Days of Christmas

I am a little late starting out but I am wanting to do the 25 Days of Christmas blog list. (Except I'll only do 20 since I missed the first 5 days) Here is the list:
  1. Your favorite Christmas carol
  2. Christmas traditions
  3. Tell the story of when you found out Santa isn't real
  4. Favorite Christmas movie
  5. Typical Christmas in the (Bainum) household when your family was younger
  6. Typical Christmas in the (Bainum) household--all grown up
  7. What reminds you most of Christmas
  8. What you are looking forward to most this Christmas
  9. Favorite Christmas book
  10. Describe your stocking on Christmas morning
  11. What the true meaning of Christmas is to you
  12. What makes this Christmas different from the others
  13. Explain the tradition of the Christmas tree and where it came from
  14. Favorite Christmas decoration
  15.  Describe your favorite ornament on the Christmas tree
  16. What you dislike about Christmas (Scrooge for a day)
  17. Red vs Green
  18. Favorite Christmas meals/desserts
  19. A Christmas service project you've done
  20. Best part of Today (Christmas 2010)

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