High as a kite

I feel like I have Bipolar
and tonight I am on my high

I just busted out my 8 page paper in 45 min.... I crawled into bed, planning on going to sleep, when my mind wouldn't shut off. 

I randomly thought about a news story idea (which I got the OK for so get ready for that) and then I thought well hey, since I am clearly not going to sleep any time soon -I can just sense when my body doesn't plan on sleeping, regardless of how tired I am- I might as well start my interpersonal communications paper.

and 45 minutes later I am finished! Pretty sweet....

I am okay with all of this except for the fact that I really am tired so it is annoying I can't fall asleep. I did finally take a Simply Sleep pill though. Those things save me, and probably everyone around me because when I dont get sleep I am very mean, many many times. 

I am hoping once I have finished writing all of my thoughts down on this here blog I will be able to turn off the computer and sleep peacefully all night long (HA!)

Goodnight world. I love you.

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