I just got done watching Julie and Julia, a movie I didn't think I would like that much, but I did. It was a very cute story and it made me want to cook and write in my blog...and have my blog become famous. ( Thanks to the "stats" tab on my blog I am able to see that a lot of people really do read this which makes me happy enough) But since all I do on here is make fun of stupid people I doubt that will ever happen. Speaking of stupid people, I had  a whole list of things to complain/vent about and now I have forgotten them so I guess you will all have to wait a little longer for a funny post.

I completed my Christmas shopping today. I went a little crazy buying Bart stuff but it was fun for me. Now I see how people can get so carried away because I just kept seeing things I wanted to get him. This year has officially turned into the year where it is more fun to buy presents for others than stuff for me. My mother would be so proud ( And don't worry other family members, I got you guys gifts too)

I have a confession to make. I fake phone calls so I don't have to talk to people. I was going to do it today when I ran into someone but luckily I actually did get a phone call just in time. It is one of those situations where I can't act like I dislike them, or act like they ripped out my heart and put it in a blender, because that would mean letting them realize they got to me. So instead, I act like I am on the phone, or don't see them, so I won't have to talk to them. Super mature I know. But I have to come off as heartless to most people and being heartless means acting like that boy in the same store as you didn't break your heart, or the girl in your class didn't affectively ruin your life for a few months. They never have to know these things, especially if I never show them... right? That is what I keep telling myself to help me sleep at night..

Speaking of sleeping, it would be really cool if one of these nights I could do that...sleep...all night long... and wake up refreshed. Does this really happen? If it happens to you can you please explain to me your secret? Because apparently I missed the how-to-sleep-all-night-and-feel-well-rested-when-you-wake-up memo.

Going back to the movie and cooking, all I have eaten today is oatmeal and Goldfish. I love goldfish though. I am especially fond of the Parmesan cheese flavor, and the original of course. But that is beside the point, I think one of my new goals (ya know, the ones I always start and never follow through with and/or finish) is to pick a new recipe each week and make something. That way, I can stay well fed AND learn something. A win win for everyone.

ANYWAY. I really didn't have anything to say tonight, that movie just inspired me to blog and try to become famous.

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