Day 3- Santa isn't real?!

I remember the day I found out Santa isn't real pretty vividly. My brother Dallin and I were down stairs on our colorful couch, (my family will know which one I am talking about) and Dallin was trying to tell me something, I can't remember what he was saying, I just remember my mom running down the stairs yelling at him and she said, "If you want to ruin Christmas for her blah blah blah" (Not using "blah" like what she was saying wasnt important, just that I dont remember) Anyway, I just remember my mom and Dallin crying and I am just sitting there trying to remember what they are so upset about...and then I remembered and probably started crying too...

On another note...

Bart and I went to a fun party tonight, a Mustache Party to be exact. When Bart told me about it I didn't think he would participate because it would require him to shave his beard off into a hideous mustache and eventually shave that off too. I have never seen Bart without his beard so it was a pretty big shock when he picked me up from school today...

Everyone looked great though it was a really fun time.

 Our mustache party High School picture! The guys were to look as bad as possible while all of the ladies had to dress up really nice. We were quite a sight. 

 If looking this bad is wrong, these guys didn't want to be right

My favorite picture of the night!

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  1. I have never seen so many hideous Christmas sweaters all in one place before! Love it!



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