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So I have this assignment due on Tuesday but there is only one problem. The @&%$ website will not load. Please explain to me how I am supposed to do this assignment because I am getting ready to throw my computer against the wall except oh wait..its not my computer, its the website! I wish teachers would actually go to the website they are asking us to go to because then they would realize it doesn't work. I know what you are thinking...maybe it is just me right? well if is just me than I am magic because every computer I have tried, I think I am on my 5th one, has not worked.

Next reason why I am so pissed...my roommate is leaving (YAYAYAYAYAYAY) and I was planning on getting her big room but then my land lord called today and said he remembered my other roommate, (who I officially hate because of this now) had already laid claim to it. &$&%$ $%&@& &#&%^@ @%$&. I am seriously in the worst mood.

My whole day hasn't been like this though. I spent the afternoon after church singing along to Christmas music while doing the dishes and making cookies. unfortunately, I have apparently lost my touch because the cookies aren't that good (And if you have ever had my cookies you would know that that is saying something).

Maybe my day has sucked because last night sucked too. I went to bed exhausted but woke up every other hour for some reason. It was one of those nights that never seem to end. I thought it had to be at least 4am but when I looked it was only 230! And then in between waking up I was having the same dream and it was like I was in my own personal Hunger Games except we were on teams and it was like summer camp because we lived in dorm type things. (My room sucked in my dream too so I guess I am just doomed to have a shitty living arrangement forever)

So lets recap:
I maybe got 2 hours of sleep last night
My cookies turned out gross
My other roommate is moving into the bigger room, leaving me to live in a room that is no bigger than most people's closets
And the whole time I have been writing this blog post, THE WEBSITE STILL WILL NOT LOAD. Screw it, I will take the 5% deduction from my grade.

I need to snap out of this mood though because I will have crazy dreams tonight for sure if I dont.

Great news: I only have 2 more days of school left and then 2 finals and the semester from hell is over!!!! I am so relieved. It already feels like school is out though because I have finished all of my major things. (Except the finals but I hate tests and don't care what scores I get anymore so that keeps me pretty stress free).

This upcoming weekend is going to be so much fun so I will just look forward to that this week. Bart and I are going down to Salt Lake for a Laser Light Show, some Temple Square lights, and a Christmas play thingy. I love December.

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